Welcome to Kwa Umgeni Livestock

Kwa Umgeni Livestock sells a wide range of livestock. Cattle – lobola, slaughter, breeding. Goats – breeding ewes, slaughter stock. Sheep – breeding ewes, slaughter lambs and sheep. Pigs – breeding gilts, porkers, baconers and weaners, either live or slaughtered. We deliver throughout KZN and have slaughter and cold room facilities, with an optional cutting and bulk packaging service. We cater to the individual buyer and bulk trader. Kwa Umgeni Livestock is well situated on the main Greytown Road, 15 km outside PMB and an hour from Durban. Our staff will be able to assist customers in Zulu and English.

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Livestock available 7 days a week with delivery at customer request.

R33 and R614 Junction Albert Falls 3233


Phone: 082 317 3960
Whatsapp: 082 804 6408
Email: tambotitrading@gmail.com